Abstract Art

My Large Abstract pieces are approximately 205x85cm.  They are created with Impasto and Acrylic on Board and finished with a premium gloss.  The Artworks come ready to hang and have option of a wooden or white frame.

Price:  $700

I can meet with you (over the phone or in person) to discuss colour options, and/or style that will suit your space.

Seascapes & Landscapes

My seascapes and landscapes are extremely popular and sell fast when posted on social media platforms.  If you want to beat the queue, why not call/message with a request.  I bring any place to life with oil paint, so we can discuss your favourite place and the size that suits your space. 

Price:  $700 (approx)

Prices can vary between $500-$1000 depending on the size and complexities

Portraits and Figures

These artworks can vary a lot in requests.  From traditional family portraits, to more playful friend/family paintings.  The idea is:  If you can imagine it - we can chat about it... and you never know.

I also create a number of figurative artworks (realistic and expressionistic) of random people.  These are occasionally up for sale, so always keep your eyes peeled :)

Price:  $700 (approx)

Prices can vary between $500-$1000 depending on the size and complexities

Sporting Clubs 

Perhaps you are after something for your club or business.  You can see below how I can take your photos and give your club/business an iconic and personal talking point.  I work closely with organisations to bring a vision to life - and also offer my experience in print development and marketing, to ensure as little money as possible comes out of club coffers.  

Price:  Call for a quote and explore how your club can benefit from a unique artwork.


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